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Our Breads Nos pains
Edited  29 March 2016

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Our Breads Nos pains
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 ''The boulanger made his way from the village to the city; but the pâtissier came from the kitchens of a royal palace. Bread is of the people, but pâtisserie is of the nobility....The boulanger provides a staple; the products of the pâtissier are luxuries.... Boulangers are respected, but pâtissiers become famous....Boulangeries are constrained by the humble associations of bread.''
Paul Rambali, Boulangerie: The craft and culture of baking in France(1994), 47-8.

Hearth Bread, Craft and Community, since 1988

 Breads in the Shop - 14 November 2013
             breads displayed in our shop 14Nov2013
  • On the left: all shelves, Saint John Valley Bread;
  • In the middle: top shelf, baguettes, boules and demis, pain de tradition française; middle shelf, light whole wheat square  bread and pain au noix sur levain de  pâte;
  • On the right: pain brioché (egg bread); raisin bread, top two shelves, cheese bread on the third and pan rolls on the fourth.

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