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Edited 29 March 2016

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Hearth  breads, Craft and Community
Demi Complet
Demi Complet made at home 23 April 2014 by the baker

    Despite the the fondness of the baker and his family for this bread, made routinely for well over a decade, there are few pictures of it  in the bakery's collection of images. Within the cannon of French bread, it  is  when well made a remarkably fine loaf, comprising the flour from whole grain wheat,  and yeilding  rich wheat flavours and aromas, a close texture for excellenct sandwiches,  and a general robustness to make it  companionable with strong cheeses, meats, fishes and drink.
    We have normally made this bread by the pâte fermentée method, namely by the addition of  a substantial amount of pre-fermented dough near the end of kneading. When levain (either firm or liquid) is used, the results are positive.

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